About Us

Jessica Wall, Auctioneer & Valuer leads Stamford Auction Rooms in a forward thinking way, bringing a fresh approach to auctioneering and concept of ‘The Auction House’ whilst also keeping the valuable aspects of the auction worlds grass roots. Having worked in several auction houses within the UK, Jessica has a wealth of experience in all collecting fields, and has gained an insight and in-depth knowledge of the auction world that has lead her to great success with Stamford Auction Rooms. 

‘People enjoy our less stuffy style of auctioneering, and more relaxed approach with our clients, making people feel welcome rather than intimidated within the auction environment’ 

Jessica is also very sensitive to the fact that she often attends peoples homes to assess items, and in certain circumstances this can be difficult for the client. Her awareness has lead to people feeling very reassured and comfortable with the auction process, and is upheld with her friendly and approachable team. 

The online marketing, and use of our in-house bidding platform SARooms LIVE! together with other bidding platforms such as the-saleroom.com, Easylive, UK Auctioneers and the European site Druot is essential in obtaining the best possible prices for your items at auction. 

SAR also publish the online auction catalogues well in advance of the auction day, which ultimately enhances the results due to reaching a wider audience. 

Our auctioneer, Jessica reminds people that selling at auction is the best way of realising the true value of your items because the items are placed on an open market. Unlike selling privately to ‘awaiting buyers/collector’s’ who will provide a fixed price, often at less than generous prices, to sell on for a profit themselves, Jessica says that ‘ the vendor and the auctioneer are on the same team – the more profit the vendor makes, the more commission we make, and that’s a winning combination’. 

The move to new, larger premises in early 2019, and the introduction of new specialist valuers and cataloguers has strengthened and expanded the team, enabling Stamford Auction Rooms to continue offering a fantastic service to the people of Lincolnshire, Rutland, Northamptonshire, Leicestershire and beyond and the surrounding areas, providing a high level of customer service, selling worldwide on three different auction bidding platforms, whilst also having the all important personal touch.

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