TV Appearances


Cash in the Attic - C5

Our company founder and Auctioneer Jessica Wall has been part of a number of television programs, most recently as an expert on eight episodes of Cash in the Attic for C5.

You can watch Jessica on catch up


Paul Martins Auction Showdown - C5

Jessica has also been part of a new show on C5: Paul Martins Auction Showdown, in which Jessica and Paul go head to head using their skills and expertise in a battle to win, in a week long showdown ending with an auction!

This will be aired in July 2023, so keep an eye out for it!

The Auctioneers - C4

In previous years, Channel 4 invited her to be part of The Auctioneers, a show in which four auctioneers with very different styles and backgrounds went on a UK wide tour to find the most interesting and unusual items to try and make the most profit at auction! This can be watched on C4 catch up.

The Antiques Road Trip - ITV

The Antiques Road Trip have also been to visit our salerooms, with some of our favourite antiques experts Phillip Serrel and Natasha Ruskin Sharp, these episodes can also be watched on catch up, or are repeated from time to time!