The Caithness Glass Affect

A recent single owner collection brightens up the saleroom!

18/04/2024     Latest News

A recent consignment has got us all talking about Caithness glass! The collection includes some stunning limited edition examples which really do exude the quality that comes with the name.

The History of Caithness Glass:
Caithness glass was founded by Robin Sinclair in 1961, in Scotland. Paul Ysart became the supervisor and instructor in 1962. Early designers include Domhnall O'Broin, John Ritchie, and Charles Orr. Caithness is best known for its production of glass paperweights, which began in 1969. Designers at the factory from 1970's onwards include Colin Terris, Margot Thomson, Alastair MacIntosh, Philip Chaplain and Helen MacDonald. In 1988, Caithness bought the Wedgwood glassworks in King's Lynn, England, and renamed the factory Caithness Crystal.

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