Music to Our Ears!

A Single Owner Collection of Guitars Makes a Song!

25/05/2024     Latest News

Yes, we are making a song and dance about the recent sale of a single owner collection of guitars, together with other music memorabilia in our auction on the 25th May!

Here are some of the results from our auction that hopefully make you tune into the fact that we sell anything music related, from signed Beetles albums to 18th century stringed instruments, and we encourage you to seek out anything related to music in your home that might be worth selling at auction.

 This striking Ibanez electric guitar in Slime Bumblebee finish far surpassed estimate and sold for £480

This Fender Stratocaster electric guitar sold for £500, the Marshall Amp for the same hammer price

These two stunning examples, a 2002 Gibson Les Paul Studio guitar sold for £1100, and the Gibson SG Standard for £1200:


For the full list of results, visit our Auction Results page

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