A house can need clearing for many different reasons, and is often a sensitive or emotional time. It can be a matter of downsizing or losing a loved one,  and the prospect of clearing the house may seem overwhelming.

This is where we can help. We work with solicitors, homeowners, executors and families to offer a friendly and discreet service, and our aim is to make the process as easy as possible for you.

How House Clearances Work


  • One of our expert appraisers or auctioneers will come and visit the property and assess the items within.

  • Our initial consultation is free of charge.

  • Once the assessment has been completed, we will follow up with an email detailing what we can do for you, and if there are items within the property that we can sell at auction, you will be provided with a list of auction estimates, together with our fees/commission for selling.


  • If there is a mixture of items for sale by auction, and for clearance, we will carry out the work in two phases.
  • Firstly, the items for auction will be collected, for which there is an hourly rate charge of £60+VAT.
  • Following collection of items for auction, the clearance will be carried out, by our clearance team, and you will have received a personalised quote for this.

House Clearance Cost

  • The cost of a clearance will vary depending on the items within, and the accessibility of those items. Where possible, items will be donated to the charities we work closely with, and we aim to provide a service which is as eco-friendly as possible.
  • Payment for a clearance will need to be made as a separate transaction as it is a separate service from us selling items at auction for you.

Cleaning The House 

  • The property will be left entirely empty. Once items have been removed, the property can be left in an unclean state, however we can also provide a quote for cleaning if necessary.
  • Note that items such as mattresses, white goods, settees and other items cost the most to dispose of, as there is no resale value, and therefore the charges for doing so will be part of your quote. If therefore, you wish to reduce your clearance quote, you may feel as though you would like to dispose of those items yourself. Clearance does not include removal of carpets or curtains unless specifically requested.

Probate Valuations

If you require a Probate Valuation instead of auction estimates this can be carried out at £80+VAT per hour. Probate Valuations are a legal requirement and solicitors will need official documentation and certificates.

How long does a collection take?

  • We provide an estimate for the time it takes to remove items from the property for auction in the initial email to you, however we are as quick and efficient as we can be, without rushing and being careless.
  • To reduce the time, people often chose to pack smaller items prior to collection as this is the most time consuming part, however it is not a requirement, we can do this for you.
  • We bring boxes and packing with us on the day of collection, and will often call in advance to have an update on whether anything has been packed, so that we know how much to bring.

How long does the clearance take?

It isn’t always easy to provide a set time for a clearance, especially when the property is full, and there are garages, outbuildings/sheds to also clear. We can provide an estimate, but we cannot foresee the unforeseeable! On average, large clearances take between 1-3 days.

Why Chose Stamford Auction Rooms?

Company Director, Auctioneer & Valuer Jessica Wall, has over 20 years experience in the auction and  house clearance industry, and she is sensitive to the fact that she often attends people’s homes to assess items and in certain circumstances this can be difficult for the client. This awareness and her friendly approachable team, has lead to people feeling reassured and comfortable with the house clearance and auction process.

How do you make sure my items make the most money at auction?

We obtain the best possible prices through our dedicated team providing the best service possible, from initial consignment to our expert cataloguing, photography, promotion and marketing worldwide, our own in-house bidding platform SARooms LIVE! together with external bidding platforms such as, Easy Live Auction, UK Auctioneers.

‘Selling at auction is the best way of realising the true value of your items, because they are placed on a fair, open market’

Jessica Wall, Director, Stamford Auction Rooms

House Clearances

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